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Kay-Bar P90 Style Humbucker Replacement Hand Wound Guitar Pickups by Dave Stephens, SD Pickups, Stephens Design


The Pig Ninety set replaces the old Kay-Bars and are probably the most cool unique pickup I make. When you first see one you will surely think these are the same old shrill single-coil-in-a-bucker-cover pickup that everyone else makes. You will be dead wrong. Inside the cover is a totally unique magnetic structure that senses about the same amount of string length that a humbucker does. So, you get single coil BITE, with humbucker FAT-ness. Nobody else makes a pickup like this one, guaranteed.

These are available in many cover options, not just the retro look in the video. I have matte raw nickel silver, gold, black plastic or the retro video version. Please watch the YouTube video for a nice demo by V. Dodsun of the recording band, The Insomniacs:

Pig Ninety Demo on YouTube






Harry DeArmond is a hero of mine. His pickups were well thought-out and ingenious marvels. Many of them hold up to today's music and garner high prices on Ebay.

My Dirty Harry set is based on many of his designs that used a shallow coil and broad flat Alnico magnet in several types of covers and clip-on arch top configurations. The combination of a shallow coil and broad, flat magnet, senses a wider area of the strings and gives a unique tone unlike anything else. Tinges of P90 tone, but different. Dirty.

This set turns heads whenever I play it at a gig. If you're looking for an older style vintage tone, Stu Kenzel, of Kenzel & Hyde, recently said of this set that they give my "cheap guitar some CHARACTER." Good choices of words.

The pickups are flat top, undrilled humbucker covers available in black matte plastic or for $25 extra, nickel silver covers. They drop right into your humbucker-equipped guitar and use the same pots.

Here are sound clips, clean and dirty, middle position is out of phase, which I highly recommend for this set.

Dirty Harrys Clean.
Dirty Harrys Dirty.


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