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SD Pickups: Custom Hand-wound pickups by Dave Stephens, Stephens Design  

LOLLAR GUITARS I owe Jason a lot of thanks. I learned pickup making from his book on building a basic pickup winder. Jason personally helped me through the process and gave me a lot of tips to get me over the learning curve. I was probably the last guy he helped in this way, alot of guys he tutored like me don't give him the credit for starting them out, I do. Jason's book is now out of print; its too bad, it did need alot of corrections and updating, and now with the easy availability of pickup parts there are alot of guys making pickups who have no idea how to make a pickup from scratch, and know little about making good pickups, what a shame.

Mark is a good friend of mine and my teacher off and on. I highly recommend his jazzy blues course by mail with live tech support by phone or email. If you're a blues guy and kinda sick of the boring rock style blues thing, his course will open your mind and give you material to make your playing way more interesting and sophisticated without alot of the pain that most courses are full of. If you are familiar with he uses that teaching style of learning the language of jazzed blues with printed tabbed music and recorded and personalized instruction on tape. He also has many lessons on TrueFire and a couple DVD's of instruction that are worth their weight in gold. He teaches locally if you live near Tualatin. He is scary good on jazz blues guitar and one of the best teachers around. Check him out NOW.

This guy makes the most kickass custom guitars I’ve ever seen. I have one of his guitars. It’s so incredibly playable and pretty that I’m scared to touch it!

Our friend Dirk Price’s Web site for the Beyond Chops course for guitarists — a heavy-duty guitar course for fusion types. It will take you a year to finish and you’ll be a whiz when you’re done.


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